Our History

The Foundation:

The Beallwood Baptist Church was organized in 1876 under the leadership of the Reverend (Rev.) Boston Miles and Deacon (Dea.) Albert Harper, former members of Shady Grove Baptist Church. The Church’s first Board of Deacons was comprised of the following three men: Deacons Hiram Hellem, Henry Jones and William Lockhart.

Later, Rev. Thomas became pastor and served until his death. He was succeeded by Rev. Joe Flowers, who had a vision to build a new church. However, death claimed Rev. Flowers before the church was rebuilt. In approximately 1900, the new Church was completed under the leadership of Rev. J. B. Borders, successor to Rev. Flowers. By 1902, the Church was again without a shepherd. Clearly a body in transition, between 1902 and 1920, the Church called as pastor the following men: Reverends E. L. Gore, A. J. Riley, G. Carwell Armstrong, Troutman Johnson, W. P. King, J. B. Miller, and J. H. Smith.

Major Milestones:

• 1900: Demolition of original structure and construction of new structure
• 1920: Tremendous congregational growth under Rev. I.S.H. Allen
• 1943: Old Sanctuary completed (current Fellowship/Banquet Hall)
• 1978: Educational/Fellowship Hall completed and named in honor of Rev. J.C. Cook, Pastor Emeritus
• 1990: Improvement of grounds with paving of parking lot and landscaping
• Upgrade of Bus ministry with the purchase of two scenic buses
• 1998: Renovation of old sanctuary to include front entrance and vestibule
• 2001: Purchase of land and building (Sugar Shack was demolished) adjacent to church
• 2005: January, the new sanctuary was completed and dedicated; March, the old sanctuary was renovated and converted into                a new Fellowship/Banquet Hall
• 2011: Major renovations were completed on the church kitchen and J.C. Cook Fellowship Hall


• Rev. Boston Miles
• Rev. Joe Flowers
• Rev. J.B. Borders
• Rev. E.L. Gore
• Rev. A.J. Riley
• Rev. G. Armstrong,
• Rev. Troutman Johnson
• Rev. W.P. King
• Rev J.B. Miller
• Rev. J.H. Smith
• Rev. I.S.H. Allen
• Rev. James Carter Cook; Rev. Billy Carter, Assistant Pastor
• Rev. Tommy Holston
• Rev. Charlie R. Parham
• Rev. Willie L. Hill
• Rev. Adrian Chester – current

Greater Beallwood Baptist history has spanned more than 140 illustrious years. God willing, our heritage will continue to grow and flourish into the next century.