Deacons and Deacon’s Wives

Deacon's Called to Serve

A deacon is the “Pastor’s Helper” in serving and caring for the congregation.  They are to be men of great faith (Acts 6:8).  Deacons are appointed by the Pastor.  They must be dedicated to support the Pastor and provide for the needs of the church and its members.  In the execution of their duties, they are supported by their wives.  They also serve as leaders in the way of Discipleship Care Groups for each congregant.

Our deacons are here to serve you by:

  • visiting you
  • witnessing to unsaved family members
  • rejoicing with you and your family
  • being your friend, especially in times of crisis
  • answering questions about your faith or about your church
  • connecting you socially to other families in the church
  • praying for you and with you