Pastor’s Aide

pastor's aide ministry

The purpose of the Pastor’s Aide Ministry is to provide moral, spiritual, and financial support to the Pastor.

“For this cause pay ye tribute also: for they are God’s ministries attending continually upon this very thing. Render therefore to all their dues; tribute to whom tribute is due.” Romans 13:6-7

We should support our Pastor, praise his sermon, and provide support to him and his family spiritually, personally, and professionally.  To lead the congregation in fulfilling the biblical responsibilities of providing for the Pastor, and to aid him that he may faithfully and effectively fulfill his pastoral responsibilities.

Our Functions:

The Pastor’s Aide Ministry is committed to providing necessary support to the Pastor and his family within the church.  We show and provide love, prayers, encouragement, strength, financial support, and gratitude for his work.

We also show other actions of love, by hosting special events for the Pastor.

We assist the Pastor in fulfilling his vision for the church and community.

Our responsibility is to provide special needs to the Pastor, such as clean robes, pulpit necessities, clean towels, glasses, water and juice.  This also includes being attentive to his needs before and after he preaches.

We are mindful of all his outside engagements, and support him by attending other churches when he’s the visiting preacher.  We also plan and make the visiting Pastors comfortable by providing whatever is necessary so that their visit is comfortable and that they can focus on delivering the word of God.

Our goal is to assist the church in preparation of the planning and coordinating all activities associated with the Pastor’s Anniversary.  We are to give praise to the shepherd that God has placed over our church.  This ministry will teach biblical principles of loving and caring for the Pastor as God has instructed his church to do.

Lastly, the Pastor’s Aide Ministry’s goal is to work toward a unified entity and harmony with the church body.  Committee members have the duty to obey God and to serve him and the Pastor in all things.